Tuesday, January 24, 2006


While in Ft. Pierce, we have gone deep sea fishing for the last three days under varied weather conditions. The first day we had no luck, but a great time was had by all. Yesterday I caught a 35 lb. barracuda, which apparently is not eaten in Florida. Although it gave me a good fight, it went back in the water. Today was our best day. All of us caught fish, mostly dolphin, all between 8 and 15lbs. To attract more fish, we had live bait on our lines, but the sharks were the ones after it. Dolphins (mahi) put up quite a fight and jump rather high. The whole experience was fantastic, and after 4 days of sunshine at sea , I must say we have quite a tan now.

Tomorrow we go back to Miami, and are already looking forward to getting together with our friends Melvin a Lana next winter when we come back to Florida.

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dufay said...

a CantimpréPort , near Biesbosch Barge I caught ....one whale !!!
but , it was a joke !!
love to you both