Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We have been so busy, that it has been difficult to get to the computer to update our Blog. Since our last entry, we have been sailing on my broyher's catamaran in good and not so good weather, helping my god daughter Sandy with a shower she had a coupke of weeks ago and spending time with my brothers Also, we had the Miami Boat Show, so we moved to the apartment on the beach to have easier access to all the events. The weather was beautiful all four days, and both my brothers and Bill were pretty busy getting parts for their boats.

Our plans were to leave FLA around the 19 of March because my brother Diego was supposed to come to see us in France in early April. His plans have changed, so now we decided to stay until the first week of April. Sandy is getting married on April 1, so we really want to be here for the wedding. Next week Ian will be here for a few days, so we are very excited to see him once more before we leave.

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