Friday, December 15, 2006


Due to the numerous social committments while with my family and friends in Bogota, I could not take the time to post an entry while I was away. I arrived in Paris on Dec. 13, after a wonderful month away. This visit I was able to spend a lot of time with my mom and my sisters as well as with some good friends.

The first weekend of my arrival, we had our 40 High School reunion at one of my classmate's holiday home about 3 hours away from Bogota in a place called Guaduas. The Organizing Committee was able to gather 21 of us ladies for a three-day weekend. We had a wonderful time, ate some great food, and shared some fabulous memories together. I had not seen several of my classmates since graduation, but the reconnetion was immediate. We all came away somewhat renewed and very happy to have shared this time together.

Back in Bogota, where the temperature was ideal, I took up walking early in the morning. I would have an early breakfast and go out for about an hour. It is great to walk around my mom's house before the heavy traffic starts. Once it does, it is pretty bad. I have never seen so many taxis in my life. I cannot say I developed a routine, but I tried to go out as often as I could.

Because of the fact that my sisters are very busy, I kept them company running errands and going shopping. The idea was to spend as much time together as possible. I usually spent the morning wth my mom once I got back from my walks. I helped her get ready sometimes, did her hair and spent some quality time together. She had her memory therapy twice a week in the mornings and in the afternoon, she usually had a game of Bridge whether at home or away. This is the one thing that she loves and keeps her going.

Living away makes you feel very special when you go back home. Everyone invites you places, everyone wants to see you, so that was the case with me. I even had to get an agenda to keep up with the invitations. Sometimes I had breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner in one day! I thouroughly enjoyed it ,though. My niece Paula is getting married on January 13, so my sisters and us had a lovely shower for her at my sister Ines' home. It was a lovely affair and it gave us the opportunity to meet her future husband's family.

I went out to eat quite a lot, and I must say I had two of the best dinners I have ever had in two different restaurants in Bogota. One is called Leo Cocina y Cava and the other, Cadaques. They each have unique food, totally different from one another, but dining there was a true experience.

My last weekend in Colombia was spent at my brother Diego's farm in Quindio, the coffee growing area of Colombia, and one of the most beautiful places one can see on earth. My sister Marta and I took my mother with us to meet her sister there, since the two of them will be spending the Holidays with my brother and his family. The weather was gorgeous, the place full of birds of all types, lush vegetation, greens like I have never seen, and of course, superb food. We spent three days there, and needless to say saying good bye was extremely difficult.

Being back on Biesbosch with Bill is great. He has done a lot more work on the boat. The central heating is working great, and the boat is very cozy and warm inside. We are preparing for our family's visit and our Holidays together. We have put up Christmas lights on the boat, as well as a tiny Christmas tree. My sister Ines and her son are in Paris with Sylvia, my niece, and will be going to Barcelona this weekend before they come to Briare. Our son, Ian will arrive on the 19, Ines and her family will be coming on the 21, and the rest of the "troop" on the 23. We cannot wait to be together again. For our children it will be a very special time to be spent with their cousins.

We hope all of you who read this blog have a wonderful Holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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