Sunday, April 09, 2006


After a great flight and a good night's rest, we are back on our boat. Although this has been a severe winter, the boat shows no sign of wear, and not a leak was found at all. Because of the fact that the water tanks were emptied before our departure, we tried to get a hotel room for the first night, but not a room was to be found anywhere. The people at La Chope, a small hotel where we spent a few weeks when we first arrived in Cambrai, offered to let us shower there until our tanks are filled. The friends who kept our car in their garage for the winter had it all sparkling and clean waiting for us in the parking lot. We are so lucky to know such kind people. It is a shock to feel cold--45°after 90° in Miami-- however it is sunny, so no complaints there. We will leave for Valence tomorrow to travel to Marseille with our Dutch friends. We do hope to be able to do some postings from there

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nicole et Bernard said...

Amis americano colombiens ..
nous avons appris , sur votre Blog , vos aventures , lors de votre retour à Cambrai !
Nous regretons que vous ne vous soyez pas souvenus qu'à Proville , near Cambrai Port , vous aviez de modestes Amis , qui disposaient de tout le necessaire pour bien vous acceuillir , bedroom, bathroom...and zero extrapaye !
we hope , you have a very nice trip with your friends
Nicole et Bernard