Wednesday, April 12, 2006


We arrived here in Valence after 2 days of travel, one night which was spent in Chartres. We had the privilege to attend Palm Sunday High Mass at the Cathedral. It was a sung mass officiated by The Bishop with procession and all. As you know,Chartres is one of the largest and most impressive cathedrals in France with beautiful stained glass work and the largest laberynth of any church in Europe.
We have joined our friends Willemijn and Kess here in Valence in order to travel with them on their yacht to Marseille from where they will leave on a cruise through the Mediterranean. Right now the Rhone River is rather flooded, currents very strong, so it looks like we will not be leaving this week. We must decide what to do tonight, but since we have our car with us, we will make our way down to Spain stopping at new places and eventually we will meet our friend Paca in Madrid around the 20 of April. Since we will be bringing our boat south this summer, on the way back to Cambrai, we shall be scouting for places to moor our boat this coming winter. Right now it is still pretty cold and windy, but we hope to have warmer weather in Spain.

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