Monday, June 26, 2006


This past weekend was a very busy one here in Cambrai. There was the FEODALES, a type of Renaissance Fair, which was set up all around town in squares and walking streets. They had horses, jousting demonstrations and tents set up with arts and crafts of all different types. The best one was a German group who had the most gorgeous setup of all. It looked just like a medieval town with a public bathtub, goldsmith, bakery, beer hall, carpenter, seamstress, etc. They had great food and beautiful costumes. In the evening they lit a bonfire and performed the most unusual pagan like dances. It was all very professionally done. Also, it was the Day of St. John, so the Portuguese community in town had a set up a large tent here at the port with hundreds of tables for their celebration on Saturday evening. They had folk dancing in their beautiful regional dresses, adults and children alike. It felt like a true Portuguese village with the smell of grilled sardines and sweet white wine all about. It was a beautiful day, so the turnout was good for both festivals. Unfortunately on Sunday it rained all day, and needless to say, there were not too many people out on the streets.

We were very pleasantly surprised by our friend Hortensia from San Diego who was in Lille visiting her son, and who came to see us for the day. It was great to have been able to show her a great summer day in Cambrai and to have spent a good couple of hours with her on the boat.

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