Thursday, June 22, 2006


We have been having beautiful summer days, and nedless to say, we have accomplished a lot. It took me three days to paint the stern and the suround of the boat it a glossy black paint. It looks great, and I was able to do it with a dingy that our friends John and Val lent us. Bill is finishing all the woodwork in the wheelhouse and ready to start on the walls. We have found a seamstress who is going to do all the cushions and pillows for the seats. I have an appointment with her this evening, so we hope it will not take too long to have them done. After that is done, we have to find window covers, and VOILA! Next project is the bathroom. We will be covering the wall, painting the ceiling and making a storage area under the steps. If the weather holds, I'll be able to continue to paint, this time, the yellow pinstripe, the white exterior, and the red forepeak.

This past weekend, a gorgeous boat with an American flag stopped by at the port. We got all excited to see some fellow Americans--the first ones we have met here in Cambrai. They had their boat built in England, brought it across the Channel and are now on their way south. They met a couple of friends here who will be traveling with them for a while, so I offered to take them shopping, in view that Sunday nothing would be open. They stocked up for a few days, especially on wine. They are planning to have a good time indeed. We had drinks with them on their boat, which is the most beaufilly outfitted I have ever seen. It is 24 mts. long, and it is exquisitely decorated. Both David and Mary Ellen,the owners, designed it. We went to dinner together, and had a great old time. I shall include some photos on my next posting.

On the 29 I will be going to Rome to visit our Dutch friend Willemijn who is there on the river with their boat. Her husband in going to Switzerland, so she invited me to come over for a few days. We both like museums, concerts and shopping, so we are looking forward to a good time. I found a very economic fair from Charleroi Airport in Brussels. It will be a good change.

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