Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Part 4

A visit by David and Martha

Dave and Martha Dominguez are friends from California whom we had not seen since we moved to Shell Beach about 25 years ago. So it happened that David contacted our friends Skip and Jill to let them know they would be coming to France and would like to see us. We emailed back and forward several times, but every time I got a message from them the date of their arrival had changed. David had a lot of business to tend to, and I thought it might be very difficult, if not impossible to see them. They had planned the trip to celebrate their 25 wedding anniversary in Paris, where they had had their honeymoon.

The day Alex and Linda left, David and Martha arrived. The most shocking thing to me was that although it had been so long since we had seen them, they both looked exactly the same! Best thing, they are the same fun couple they always were. We were so excited to see them and had so much catching up to do!. They had made a reservation at a B&B near us, about a five minute ride from the port, so we were able to really spend time with them eating, drinking and exchanging stories. We wanted to take them out on the boat, so we went as far as Chateau Ventenac and back. It was not the prettiest day, the wind was blowing very hard, but we had a good outing anyway. In the evening, we stayed on Biesbosch and had a great dinner and very animated conversation. We hope to see David and Martha in California this winter and have them back with us on the boat sometime next year.

A few munchies with good friends

Aperitifs on deck

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