Saturday, April 14, 2007


Pablo returned on Monday, we waited another two days, and Thursday, we left Lyford Cay at 5:00 am, bound for the Exumas. We sailed without engines about 3 of the eight hours it took to get to Norman Cay, where we are now. The wind was in front of us most of the time, reason for which we did a lot of motoring. We had a couple of hours of rough seas, but as we approached the islands, the water was light blue and aquamarine, for miles. The bottom of the ocean is so clear; you can see every rock and every fish. As we were getting close to our anchoring spot, we saw a nurse shark swim by, a brown spot amidst the beautifully blue clear waters. There were about five boats anchored in a sort of cove, close to the beach, so we decided to join them there.

It truly feels like paradise here. The beaches are so white, and the sand so soft! We took the dingy out this morning to explore the other side of the island. We found an old abandoned dock, restaurant and all and a gorgeous beach in front of which there was a tiny cay with a solitary palm tree, just like the ones you see in the movies about castaways. There is an airport from where planes can be chartered to other islands. A drug lord, who was the owner of the island in the 1970’s, built it. According to history, 70% of the drugs that went into the U.S.A. went in through The Bahamas.

We decided to stay one more night here and continue south tomorrow, perhaps as far as Staniel Cay.

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