Saturday, April 14, 2007


Another beautiful day with perfect weather! After breakfast, we hired a taxi to go around the island. Although, the island is not big, for Pablo, walking is still difficult. David, the driver, took us around the island, which took about 30 minutes. There is no true village, and the businesses are scattered about the island. There is a Credit Union, a Post Office, a beauty salon, liquor store and a few grocery stores. In its hay day, the island was harbor to great big ships, and a few years back they sold a portion of the island to some developers who built a golf course, a hotel, club and a few beautiful beachfront houses. On that side of the island there is The Beach Club to where we were invited to a party given by the Homeowners association. The whole port, and the rest of the island was invited, so we decided to attend

After a fabulous grilled lobster lunch and a nice siesta in the sun, we got ready and walked to the club. The location is an ideal beachfront property overlooking a couple of small cays and gorgeous turquoise waters. There were speeches and gifts for all who attended, and the bar was selling everything one could want. There was a spread of island food from entrees to salads and desserts, all in great quantity and quality. We met a few other boaters from the port, and a after a couple of drinks, we stood in line for the food. There were peas and rice, dumpling soup, shepherd’s pie, fried chicken, meatballs in hot sauce, fresh baked ham, cabbage salad, potato salad, and the best lobster salad I have ever had. For dessert there was quite the array of cakes of all sort, pineapple, pumpkin squares and more. There was a disk jockey, so the music, mostly reggae, added quite a magic touch to the whole evening.

David, our taxi driver in the morning, was in his Sunday best greeting all the guests, so we figured he might be a minister as well. Around 8:30 pm, we started back to the boat, only to be picked up by David, who offered to bring us to the boat. This was an experience we had to live. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and when we got back, all the natives wanted to know if we had enjoyed the party.

Right now, Pablo and Bill are reading the weather report, so we can plan what to do tomorrow.

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